MCS Response to the COVID 19 Crisis

As part of our ongoing commitment to service our community despite the current COVID 19 crisis; Millar Courier Service will continue providing delivery with some variation in our services to conform with the government regulations as well as to keep our community safe. Among the changes that is currently implemented is the non-contact delivery which is in conformity with some of our business customers as part of their company policy in response to the current situation. This will normally require MCS to deliver to your door only, to your porch or garages without having to come inside your place of residence.

We understand that this will not be condusive for some members of our community especially the pensioners or those that are physically challeged. With this in mind and in cases like this MCS will deliver in your premises as long as you, the home owner just direct us where the items will be set and keep your distance most preferably staying in another room while we fullfill your delivery. We will enter your premises with gloves and mask on as part of our current protocol in response to this crisis and leave as quickly as possible. While we ensure that your items are delivered, we also prioritise everyone's safety and so if in any case we decipher that safety is compromised then we will decline coming in and apply the non contact protocol. If this happen we will endeavour to work with you to ensure that your items are protected and safe from the element before leaving them. The same applies to our internal move service, packing and unpacking,courier and home delivery as well as loading and unloading of containers and storage boxes.

During this trying times, we at Millar Courier Service (MCS) will continue to deliver and carry out our services taking into account government regulations and until we are advised otherwise we will continue to do so.