Our Story

Millar Courier Service or MCS for short is a family owned and operated business spear headed by Mark Millar; which started off as a sub-contractor for Australia Post Mornington in 2009. Initially we were utilising a Mitsubishi van to deliver parcels from Australia Post depot in Mornington to areas within Mornington, Mount Eliza and Mt Martha

Soon after two locally known businesses Rob Cousen and Luduco Living has given us an opportunity to work with them delivering small items that will fit in our small van.

These along with sub contracting works from Fastway had slowly but surely moved our business forward. As our own jobs increases unfortunately; we have to give up subcontracting works and thus we stopped doing Australia Post as well as Fastway to focus on our own work. The all reliable Mitsubishi van was switched to a Hyundai iLoad van and as more and more people and businesses started to trust us, a bigger van was needed to meet increasing demands; thus, the iLoad was replaced by 2 Ford Transit vans on the road.

From our humble beginning, we have remained steadfast and firm with our commitment to adhere to our core values which is to provide a service that is reliable, honest and customer focused with competitive prices. By being true to our core values we have gained more business customers as well as non business ones that not only regularly use our service but also become a free advertising for MCS in which we are very thankful. Because of these Millar Courier Service has progressively grown and in 2017, a bigger 3 ton Renault Jumbo High roof van can be seen on the road working hand in hand with a Ford Transit van.

At present MCS does not only offer courier and delivery but also small removals, packing and unpacking service as well as other services; proving how MCS continuously grow as the years go by. At the beginning of this financial year 2020 MCS vehicles has yet again evolved into a Truck and a smaller iLoad van that goes on the road with a Transit van and a Ute. Majority of our customers are based in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs. Although, we do not have a regular set run in the city; we normally see ourselves picking up and delivering once or twice a week in that vicinity for our regular customers.

We are happy to have gone this far from our humble beginning of a small Mitsubishi van that is actually now phase out to a truck which is slightly bigger than our Renault plus 3 other vehicles on the road. We would have not gone this far if not for the trust and support of our local community and our loyal customers! From the Millar Courier Service team, Thank you so much! Whenever you need a courier delivery, a furniture delivery and small removal done, look no farther. Contact Millar Courier Service, your courier and small removal specialists. You Call, We Haul!