MCS Current Vehicles on the Road

How time flies!

From 2009 when Millar Courier Service (MCS) started, we could not have predicted that from our humble beginning we would be at the stage we are right now. During those early times if we get 10 deliveries and 1 small removal a week, we were already a happy team! The stage we are now, did not come without much hard work and perseverance on our part as well as the support and loyalty of our local community in the Mornington Peninsula. Those initial hopes? They have all been realised! In fact in most cases that initial hope is only done in a day sometimes more.

To meet increasing workload in courier, furniture deliveries and small removals we have added additional vehicles on the road. Whereas, in the past 3 years we have been utilising the Renault Master High Roof as well as a Transit van on the road; we now have a Truck, a Transit Van, a Hyundai van as well as a Ute. All of which are automatic to ensure that our team can all drive any of the vehicles in case we need to split up to fullfill all our deliveries.

We, at MCS are looking forward to the future with a positive attitude and with your continuous support to local businesses like us, we are certain we will all come out of 2020 stronger and ready to face 2021!