Courier and Home Delivery

Important service

Courier &
Home Delivery

Let us lessen the hassle of you picking up and bringing home your online orders. Your time, gasoline, the wear and tear of you vehicle and probably toll on top of this cost money; and by the time you've brought your order home you are actually most likely not far away from the amount you have to pay Millar Courier Service (MCS) to deliver it for you.

Here at MCS we offer courier works involving delivery of parcels and important urgent documents as well as home delivery for both private and business customers.

Courier Service

  • Not Same Day: Between 1-3 business days delivery of your parcels or documents
  • Same Day Delivery: Point to point delivery of your parcels or documents

Delivery Service

Private Customers:
  • Collection and delivery of your online or in-store purchases
Business Customers:
  • Home delivery if you have a set regular run for your customers.
  • Warehouse to store delivery.
  • Store storage run to restock or move some stocks to storage