MCS Small Removals

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Small Removals

MCS specialise in small removal works since we've started and until now still doing so. The most common jobs that we have been doing for our customers are as follows:

  • Small office move
  • Small stock move from storage and/or to another store
  • Small house/unit/apartment move
  • Moving your household goods to storage

Our small removal service can be packaged together with our packing and unpacking service if you require help packing the odd bits and pieces as well as to have your basic necessities setup on your move.

Need us to do your small house move?

It is best to call or email us in advance and give us details of items to be moved, specifically the big or bulky items. We will normally reply to you within 24 hours if it's via email and within the same day if you call. If we miss your call, we would normally call you back as long as you left a message with your name, contact number and the reason for your call.